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Message from Mayor Johnny Kelley

On the evening of May 6th, 2024, a catastrophic EF4 tornado struck our town. The aftermath of this destructive storm has brought upon us all unimaginable hardships. While cleanup will be a lengthy and difficult process, it is ongoing and moving at a good pace. During this time of recovery, there are a couple of items that the community needs to be aware of.

During the cleanup and recovery process, we want to ensure that crews working can do so safely and efficiently. To make this possible, we are going to issue a temporary stay on any new construction within the city limits. I would like to assure you that this is temporary and will be lifted once the area is deemed safe and suitable. Travel trailers are currently not permitted to be placed on the homesites in the city, we will be looking to amend this at the next city council meeting in June. The goal is to work towards replacing the temporary housing, as these would not be in the best interest of the city’s vision for the future. We want to rebuild our city back better than it was before.

To keep the streets clear for recovery workers, we ask that you limit return visits to your property. This will ensure safety for you, your property, and the workers.

The amount of support we have received from the volunteers who have donated their time and services has been humbling and we could not be more grateful. I am very grateful for all of the work Annie Vest and her stellar team with the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management have done and our community and will be continuing to   do throughout this event; the Florida Division of Emergency Management team here from Florida have been very instrumental in this process; the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the Osage county emergency management team as well as the Osage county commissioners, ODOT, city of Blackwell, Pawhuska, Skiatook, Ponca city, Bartlesville, FEMA, and so many others I have probably forgotten. Dr. Sayra Bryant has been with us side by side as well. The Osage Nation has been instrumental and beyond gracious with their assistance, both through manpower and financial assistance.

While we are working to clean up, we will be providing temporary storage facilities to the community. Please reach out to city hall for information on how to apply for this service. Please continue to check this website for the most current information, and if there are any questions, please reach out to City Hall.

I cannot express how proud of our small town that I am, for coming together in this trying time. We have, and will continue to, show the world how much a small town of people who truly care about each other can accomplish. You have all shown me how much this town means to you, and I could not be prouder to serve as your mayor.


Please consider making a monetary donation to either our Go Fund Me (link below) or at any American Heritage Bank: Barnsdall Disaster Relief Fund. 

*We no longer need physical items donated* 

Residents / Homeowner’s Information

    Right of Entry Forms:

    • All property owners that have had or will need debris removed from their property, please go to City Hall (409 W. Main Street, Barnsdall, OK) will need to complete the right of entry form (before the work is done).

   If you need assistance with:

   FEMA registration open until June 29, 2024:

    • In person: 401 South 10th Street (Early Learning Center) or
    • Call 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362) or
    • Online at:
    • Sunday-Monday 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m. until further notice

      Lighthouse Church 13749 OK-11, Barnsdall

      • Non-perishable food and personal items are available at the church.
      • Call 918-519-7530 to request items.

       Barnsdall Assembly of God 120 N. 3rd Street, Barnsdall

      • Personal items, cleaning items, toiletries, towels, and laundry items
      • Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


       211 (Recovery Resources)

      • Dial 211 to learn about ALL available resources.

       Insurance or recovery resources:

      • Call Catholic Charities Line: 918-935-2650.

       SBA (Small Business Administration)

      • A line of credit available to the homeowner or renter to help with recovery. This is not limited to just business owners.

        Red Cross for disaster assistance

      • Call 1-800-Red-Cross (1-800-733-8767)

        Oklahoma Division of Insurance

      • Any insurance questions or complaints
      • Call 405-521-2828

      Disaster Unemployment

      TSA Information


    A 90-Day Moratorium is in effect for Barnsdall, OK, within the red zone (marked on the map provided). This is a *TEMPORARY* pause of all new construction and installations.

    The two main reasons are as follows:
    A) The city is working with the state and with FEMA about flood mitigation. This may require land movement and/or ditch work that could interfere with construction crews.
    B) Bird Creek Clean-up is still in the process of being procured – this will require heavy trucks and equipment to access our roads for the entirety of Bird Creek from the HWY bridge to about Maple Ave.

    The two YELLOW areas show where properties exist BELOW the floodplain. These homeowners *MIGHT* be waiting the longest. It would be in their best interest to wait to ensure that their new home is safe and insured properly.

    Here’s a realistic timeline of our tornado recovery:
         -1 Week: Clean-Up Planning and Zoning (Feel free to clean your own property, remove debris, and haul it to the appropriate place)
         -2 Weeks: Cont’d Clean-Up
         -1 Month: Cont’d Clean-Up / Land Surveys (city/state) (Feel free to hire your own land surveyor at your expense to double check your property’s elevation)
         -2 Months: Cont’d Clean-Up / Land Surveys / Infrastructure (city utilities repairs, etc.)
         -3 Months: Anticipated lift of moratorium (depending on progress, or lack thereof, it could be extended)

    The areas in YELLOW will be waiting the longest. Please help manage optimistic expectations.

    Before any construction or installations, please contact City Hall for a building permit. (The fee *could* be reduced soon.) We need to be in communication about water & sewage lines (infrastructure), etc.

    “What can I do?”
    -Keep talking with FEMA (located at the Elementary Early Childhood Center). Take advantage of the TSA (Transitional Shelter Assistance). (Ashley Shipley is available to answer any questions you have – she is located at City Hall.)
    -Keep cleaning your property one day at a time.
    -Keep praying, and keep hope alive!


    After further evaluation (and SEVERAL meetings) we have a better map of our moratorium zone (attached below).
    This revised zone still has a pause on new construction and installations, but short term repairs (to existing structures) are allowed. Continue to clean on your property any time.
    That zone starts at:
    HWY 11, North on 2nd Street
    East on Chestnut
    North on 1st Street
    East on Maple to Bird Creek
    South along Bird Creek,
    Back to HWY 11.
    For those out of the zone who plan to rebuild, please WAIT to get a building permit until after the city council’s special meeting to decrease the rates significantly. Also, be mindful of city easements.
    We’re slowly making progress, folks!
    -Jason Byers (Barnsdall Emergency Manager)